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Carol & I have been happily married for  25 years.  We have nothing to sell, no axe to grind, no message of gloom or doom and no interest in politics or religion.

We celebrated our silver wedding anniversary in December 2005 with an eight week holiday in New Zealand and Australia, further details and photographs appear elsewhere in this web site.

We live in a village near Taunton in the West of England, where we have a large goldfish pond in the garden, which has been landscaped with retaining walls, paths, a patio and a tarmac drive upon which to park my boat trailer and caravan.

I have two grown up children, a son and a daughter from a previous marriage.  My son lives with his wife & son in Devon and my daughter lives with her husband & daughter just on the other side of town from us.

We enjoy boating on the  inland waterways and have cruised hundreds of miles of rivers and canals in the UK, France and Ireland.        
I am interested in Amateur Dramatics and am an active member of a local drama group. 
I also spend a lot of time on the computer, chatting to on line friends worldwide.

The links connect to other web sites that reflect my interests. 

The Wilderness site will have further details of our boating activities and adventures. 

The Taunton Thespians site will have details of our activities and of any plays being presented at the local theatre.       

The Brewhouse Theatre

Our village is the subject of another link.
The Bay Team site is my son's particular interest.

Thank you for logging on to my home page.   Please give me a call if you find it interesting or have any suggestions on how I may improve upon the design or content.

I look forward to receiving your comments.

Captain J